Rubbers are for sailors, the filthy buggers

May 12, 2004

So I come home tonight to find a hearse parked next to my spot. This in and of itself is nothing new. I’ve been parking next to this guy for months. But here’s where it gets interesting:

Notice the gangsta lean. Seems he has a flat. Let’s look a little closer


Wow, there doesn’t appear to be any tire left!


I’m speechless. He apparently drove for quite a long time with that flat. And he left some real good steel on concrete scrape tracks as he tried to make the corner and had to back up and try again.


Best part is, he’s taking up someone else’s parking space along with his own. I’m sure that person will not be happy when they get home.

last but not least, my mx-5 looks scared next to that thing.


Rest of the pics here.

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