Birfday recap

July 12, 2004

So Alana threw me a big b-day shindig this past weekend at ye olde Elbow Room. I have to say, I haven’t gotten that loaded in a VERY long time. Apparently, that’s what happens when you do several shots of whiskey. Lesson learned. I should probably apologize to the telephone pole I desecrated with my vomit outside the bar.

Big Thanks go out to everyone who came out! Who says 26 is an unmemorable age!?! Booyeah.

Hopefully, I’ll get some pics from Frances and Sheri soon to share with everyone.



  1. Sweet dude! I threw up on my birthday this year too.

  2. Peeing your pants is the coolest!

  3. I went to a party this weekend, also. Some of the people there were wearing t-shirts of the guest of honor. Pretty gay.

    Of course, my shirt is on the way. 😉

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