July 19, 2004

So, me and the crew went to see Anchorman this weekend. And I must say, it has to be the funniest Will Ferrell movie to date. Laughed the whole way through. It’s also kinda funny how we see this new-age brat pack of comedic actors emerging. They are all in the same movies and all the movies are pretty similar.

Allow me to elaborate. Basically this group consists of:
Will Ferrell
Ben Stiller
Vince Vaughn
Luke Wilson
Owen Wilson

Some movies in this new genre:
Meet the Parents
Old School
Starsky and Hutch

We need a new catchy name for this band of rogues. Something – Pack. Laugh Pack? I dunno, maybe someone will come up with something better. For now, go see Anchorman. That is an order.


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  1. I say we roll with The Laugh Pack and see how far it goes.

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