My AppleCare Rant

August 26, 2004

Y’know, I try to keep a level head about most Mac vs. PC issues. I’m no fanboy either way. PC’s pay my paycheck, but I use a Mac at home, so I feel i’m pretty platform neutral. But today, my oh so just scales of equality were tipped in the direction of PC’s due to the absolutely insane Apple Support department. Let me fill you in:

2 days ago, my hard drive failed on my Power Mac G4. No big deal, could happen to anyone, I have a backup so no biggie. I called AppleCare today to get a new drive sent to me. I expected to be herded through a long list of troubleshooting steps even though I knew what the problem was and Apple didn’t disappoint.

-“Press ctrl-option-P-R while booting up” The infamous clearing of the PRAM. This is basically akin to a PC support person asking the user first thing, “Have you rebooted recently?”. Basically a total copout.

-“Press option while booting up”

-“Press C while booting up with the hardware diag. cd in the drive”

-“Press C while booting up with the OS X cd in the drive”


I’d like to make an aside here if I can. I think everyone who is knowledgable enough about computer troubleshooting should have a codeword that we could use to tell the support guy that: a) I know more than you so do as I say. and b)Let’s not waste both of our time by going through your “list”.. A good codeword might be “Lovelace” or “Tandy” or “Vesa Local Bus”. I dunno.

So we get to the end and the guy finally admits I need a new hard drive (shocker!). But here’s where it gets completely insane. Instead of just shipping me a new drive and being done with it, he informs me that I must now take my computer to a service location to have THEIR techs look at it again and troubleshoot it again and then replace the hard drive there.




  1. So, what happened ?

  2. What happened is that I still don’t have a working computer and I need to take the thing to a Compusa to get it “diagnosed”.

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