This site is getting dusty

April 28, 2005

Time to clear out the cobwebs on this here site. Let me update you on the past 2 months:

1. New job
2. Started cycling around the lake on a regular basis
3. umm. . .

The job’s going good. Very busy.

The cycling’s going even better. I hit a new milestone lastnight. 22 miles. It may not sound like a lot, but up until now I had only done 10-11 mile rides. I owe it all to my new personal torturer trainer Ryan. OK, he’s really not my trainer, but he’s the reason my thighs feel like flaming bowls of jelly today, and for that I have to give him much props.

Factoid: A little known side effect of riding a bike way longer than you should is the fact that your hands become almost unusable for at least a day, which is why this post is taking me an hour to type. That’s the kind of dedication I have for this blog! ow. I shouldn’t strain myself with exclamation points.

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