May 17, 2005

In the past 3 days we’ve seen confirmed images/info of all the new consoles coming out. Y’know I think I liked it better when I only had to shell out $300 once every few years for the new hotness. Now, they’re all up in my grill at the same time. Ugh. Here’s some pics.

First up, the new Xbox360:
Xbox 360
Actually, the ugly duckling of the group, but still not too bad. It’s light years ahead of the old xbox design.

Next up, we have the new PS3:
Playstation 3
Sleek and svelt. But the controller looks like ass. Looks like some crappy MadCatZZ 3rd party controller.

Finally, the sexiest of all, the Nintendo Revolution:
Nintendo Revolution
Small and sexy. It’s kinda sad that this’ll be the last console Nintendo ever makes. . .

Kinda strange that all the other consoles have followed the vertical-ness of the ps2. That just makes finding space for them all the more problematic.

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