Rollin’ down the street, smokin’ brisket. . .

June 5, 2005

So, it’s 4:30am on a sunday morning. I’ve been up for an hour and a half smoking a beautiful 12 lb brisket that I got from Rudolph’s for my nephew’s birthday party today. Jeremiah, if you read this some day when you’re older, you’ll know how much Uncle Josh cared about your birthday. Not to mention I got him this rad Batmobile toy. It’s from the new Batman Begins movie. Since Star Wars is all done, I figured it was time to get him started on a new franchise. Batman is as good as any other.

In other news, Alana and I hit a new cycling milestone yesterday. 3 laps around the lake! or roughly 33 miles. Woooo doggy!

***7:00 am update***
Is it too early to start drinking? I didn’t think so either.



  1. wow, you updated you’re site… that’s a-mazing

  2. 4:30 am and your not drinking. loser

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