sounded like a good idea at the time

July 21, 2005

My old boss (actually, my very first boss) sent out some pictures she took back in 1996, when Y2K was but a glimmer in the eyes of most IT professionals. A couple of these pics made it to my mom, who then forwarded them on to me. Thusly, I will release them to the public for general consumption. Now bear in mind, I was a freshman in college and the world was bright and open to possibilities!

Blonde and Purple Josh
Blonde and Purple Josh

Yeah, it was a Halloween gag that turned into a totally new look for me for my freshman year of school.

I wore a lot of hats.



  1. The sunglasses were from your infamous Elvis gig for the homecoming parade.

  2. joshua & the technicolor hairstyle.

    very nice.

    don’t get me wrong: i’m fresh out of stones to throw.

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