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September 4, 2005

My bike finally came in today! Luckily, it fit like a dream, so here it is in all it’s glory:

Now, it looks a little different from the ’05 model, but I’m ok with that. The blue is metallic and sparkles like a mofo in the sunshine. Those of you who have seen a mofo in daylight can attest to this.

I also got busy converting my old Gary Fisher mountain bike to be my new commuter. I’m gonna do my part for the environment by riding my bike to work as much as possible. First thing i did was remove the old knobby dirt tires and replaced them with road slicks. This just makes it faster on the asphalt. Then I added a headlight and taillight to increase my visibility on the road. I hear it’s no fun being hit by a car. Next up I need to add a rear rack and paniers to hold my clothes and laptop, etc.

It’s like I got 2 new bikes in one day! Yay!



  1. congrats. Looks nice.
    So let me know when your ready to do the MS 150 or any century of your choice and we’ll go do it.

  2. What route are you taking to work? And how long is it taking you?

  3. Oh, and cool bike by the way.

  4. i’m basically snaking through Lakewood till i get to Swiss. Then take Swiss all the way to Deep Ellum. Then just take Malcolm X to my office.

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