Theories abound

October 5, 2005

Josh: t minus 3 hrs 12 minutes
Brian: yes, t minus
Brian: Any last minute speculations to perhaps deem yourself a “psychic”
Josh: hmm
Josh: i’m getting a vision now. . . .
Josh: Hurley breaks into the hatchelor pad and eats all the goodies
Brian: Ok I think Desmond says “I’m all up audi” and ditches the lostaways to go take like a four day nap under a banana tree.
Josh: i also predict that desmond will say brother 5 more times
Brian: I’m all up audi BROTHA!!!!! Where’s that banana tree BROTHAAAA!!!! I need some REM sleep noooowwww BROTHAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Brian: I think he’s the crazy Scottsman from Braveheart
Brian: I also predict that the fuselodgers and the tailenders have a baseball game
Josh: winner gets the hatch
Josh: loser gets the cave
Brian: Yes and they discover Ryan Seacrest in a cryogenic freezer in the hatch. They thaw him out and charms everyone into happiness
Josh: and then walt wakes up and realizes it was all a dream
Brian: And he’s sleeping with Kate who is a hooker
Brian: I could write this damn show. It ain’t so hard
Josh: a hooker with a rare form of super-herpes
Josh: which is why the island is quarantined
Brian: her hatch is quarantined
Brian: you’re sick
Josh: ew
Brian: yeah
Brian: We’re going to have to go into a feminist breakdown of lost this friday
Brian: Talk about the hatch and the cave
Josh: ewww
Brian: and the tailenders
Josh: (M)others
Brian: Come to think of it. in Humanities back in college the feminists had some probem with being defined as the “others” You had men and the “others”
Josh: i think we’re on to something
Brian: I think we’re on to everything
Josh: all the chicks on the island are hotties. except for the black woman
Josh: i think that means something
Brian: yes the island is having no jungle fever
Josh: which is ironic
Josh: what with the jungle and everything
Brian: yeah, it’s conflicted
Josh: so, the island was created by Hitler during the late 30’s
Josh: that much we know is true
Brian: solid
Josh: mark it down as solved
Brian: marked

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