The Beginning of the End

December 4, 2005

Well, with 1 weekend of home ownership under our belts this is what we got done (with a LOT of help from Sheri and Alana’s brother, Jordan & his S.O. Kim)

–Ripped the ivy off the front and side of the house

–Pressure-washed all the eves

–Raked the leaves in the backyard

–Cleaned the grout in the 2nd bathroom floor (it went from nasty black to pearly white!)

–Removed the wallpaper throughout the 2nd bathroom and in the kitchen

–Ripped out the crappy wing wall in the entryway (thanks Jordan)

–Replaced a couple dirty nasty light switches with new clean ones

–Scrubbed the icky greasy kitchen cabinets (thanks Sheri)

–Scrubbed the kitchen parquet floors (they were gag-me-with-a-spoon gross)

Not a bad bit of work for 2 days. Hopefully we’ll be ready to paint by next weekend. w00t.

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