Them Thar Hills Be Lookin’ At Us

March 13, 2006

Last night, Aaron and I ventured off to Loews Cityplace to check out the remake of Wes Craven’s “The Hills Have Eyes“. Now, I haven’t seen the original, but apparently it starred the lead singer from Midnight Oil:

Hills Have Eyes Poster

As far as the new movie is concerned however, I can tell you the first half is just great. Scary? check. Gory? check. Disfigured mutants? check.

In the second half, they really turn up the cheese factor to 11. And honestly, I didn’t mind. It’s a real crowd pleaser. The kind of movie where yelling at the screen is not limited to just the black women. And every gory demise of a mutant is met with applause and cheers.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Claire‘s in it too. And boy, does she get the short end of the stick.

Overall, I wouldn’t say The Hills Have Eyes is a ‘must-see’, but it was satisfying enough for me to recommend if you’re looking for a gory slasher flick to snuggle up to for a lonely night of sleeping with the lights on.

I give it a 4 . . . . . . . . . . . out of 5. (nerdy video game tv show reference. God, i’m lame.)



  1. 4 out of 5 what? and admit it, the only reason you watch that show is for morgan webb.

  2. “The kind of movie where yelling at the screen is not limited to just the black women.” Nice quote, big fella. Don’t make me leave copies of this with our office mates with a map to your cube. Of course, that might be a little over the top since all you did was put a label on my back that read “Gay-Wad.”


  3. I’ve rehashed the most disturbing 5 minute scene in that movie at least 10 times and have even overheard other people doing the same… it may not be the best flick ever but I’ll catalogue that scene with “spinning heads and pea soup”
    good times for shooo

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