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June 19, 2007

OK, so it’s been a while.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure the only reason I blog is to go back and see what I was doing 1 year ago, 2 years ago, etc.  Anyway, here’s the 411:

New Job 

Just started my life as a Sharepoint consultant.  It’s pretty exciting, and very challenging.  Getting any large scale Microsoft product to work usually is.  However, I was very sad to leave all my friends at Reflect.  I let them know that it was a decision purely based on monetary demands.   Well, 99% of it.  I left myself some wiggle room.

Travel Plans

I leave tomorrow for a week long mini vacation in Vermont.  Jesi has completed her Masters Degree program at Norwich University and she will be graduating there on Friday.  Everyone send her congrats via her myspace or something.  And don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of pics up on flickr of the event.  I even rented a BA lens for it.

Possible New Vehicle

Since the SAAB has no A/C and I live in Texas, there is a need for a vehicular change.  The current frontrunner is a 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300SD.  This guy in Coppell is selling it on craigslist.  It has been converted to run on Biodiesel or even Waste Vegetable Oil.  Or I can just run it on normal pump diesel which is already $0.10 / gallon cheaper than regular unleaded.  On top of that it gets around 35 MPG already so this should be a really good investment.  Here’s a reference pic, not of the actual car though:


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  1. How freakin cool is that! 35 MPG?!?!?!?!?!

    I want to convert my car to bio. They should make kits to convert vehicles.

    They should also kick Bush in the balls.

    Do they have kits for that?

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