Warning for you Halo 3 buyers – Caveat Emptor

September 25, 2007

Just picked up my copy of Halo 3 today at Fry’s.  I had to go with the basic loser edition though because there is a MAJOR problem with the packaging of the Limited / Collector’s Edition.  It seems they didn’t secure the discs in there well enough and they are rattling around in the tins, getting all scratched to hell.  I tried out two of those before giving up and just getting the regular version.  I probably checked 15 different boxes of the LE version and they all exhibited this flaw.  All you have to do to check is give it a little shake.  If you hear something rattle, move on.  Fry’s already had 6 returns by the time i got there this morning. 

Good one Bill

 Halo 3 Master Chief

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