School update

July 2, 2008

Failure, by HomerGuess I should’ve posted this sooner.

My much-ballyhooed return to college has been cancelled for the time being.  I gave it a try, for about 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that University of Phoenix is the online equivalent of a community college in rural Alabama.  This really wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t saddled with the additional burden of working in a “Learning Team”.  “Learning Team” is a nice way of saying “Josh, you do all the work if you want this to be any good.”

I think to really finish my degree, I’ll either need to take classes in-person (to avoid the majority of “Learning Teams”) or find an online university with a higher quality of students.  I’ve been looking into DePaul’s program and it seems pretty nice, which is funny because I wanted to go to DePaul when I was in High School. 

Honestly though, I think right now I may concentrate on finishing up my MCSE certification and getting the SharePoint specialization tests under my belt as well.  This would have a more direct impact on my career than any college degree ever would.


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