November 18, 2008

barrelguyToday marks the
second full day of my unemployment. This is very foreign
territory for me. I haven’t been without a job since the
summer of 1996 when I got my first job at SMU. I have quite a
few prospects, but nothing is concrete yet so I’m still worried
about finding work. So much so that I’ve entertained the idea
of relocating to San Antonio or Boston for two different
opportunities. God, please don’t make me have to move to San
Antonio! Ugh. Yesterday, on my first day of
unemployment, I kind of felt lazy. Slept in till 11AM.
I had to clean up a lot of shit in the house from
Crunksgiving the night before, but I really didn’t feel like doing
it. So, I ended up doing a pretty half-assed job. I did
have an interview at Statera, but
I knew going into it that they didn’t have any immediate openings.
This was just more of a pressing the flesh, getting to know
me type of interview in case anything comes up. Today, I feel like
I’m back on my game. Woke up at a reasonable 10AM, and now
I’m halfway through with juicing my pecs and then I’m going to go
on a bike ride. Then maybe I’ll finish that half-assed
cleaning job I did. Who knows? The gutter is the limit
for me!


One comment

  1. Man I feel you dude. At least you didn’t choose to leave your job during the worst economic crisis of the last 90 years.

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