Lying Liars and the Lies they Lie

February 16, 2009

Quick hit from Saturday night.

maitre-dSo it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re eating up at the Second Floor restaurant at the Westin Galleria hotel, when we get the wild idea to get a room there at the swank hotel.  So, after dinner I wander over to the check-in desk and ask the snooty dude if they have any rooms available.  The guy gives me a look and says, “We do have a few rooms left, but they are $315 for the night.”  He’s got that dismissive look in his face, the little cock-knocker.  So I say, “No thanks” and step about 10 feet away and whip out the ol’ iPhone and go to the hotel’s website and book the room for $179.  Booyeah.  I walk back up to the counter to check in and make sure I get serviced by the aforementioned puddknocker so I can see the disdain in his eyes.

Doesn’t he know I’m the sausage king of Chicago?


One comment

  1. Wow! Way to go, Mr Froman.

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