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Smell my what?!?

April 24, 2008

As much as I appreciate all the fancy features of my beloved iPhone, I believe I may have rethought the purchase had I known it would drive women to ask such questions as raised in the following music video:


Blast from the past

April 4, 2008

Found this tonight when I was cleaning out my closet.  Decided to upload it to Ye Olde YouTube:  These were simpler times.  When we were young and naive.


Let’s get caught up. . .

January 8, 2008

Let’s see . . . things that have happened recently. . .

Went to Big Bend yet again:

Leaving God's Country

Had a few Rock Band partays:

I'm like Phil Collins, or Don Henley

Also, you may notice (although I’m sure you don’t) that I’ve added my buddy Mitch’s blog on the blogroll to the right. Lymphomaniacs

Mitch was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in July 2006 and has blogged about the whole ordeal. Thankfully, news has been good on this front and all recent tests have showed him cancer-free. Go Mitch!

Oh, and I grew a boss mustache:

Mustache Rides - $1


Tin Roof. . . . . . . . Rusted.

June 29, 2007

So, the Valentines opened up for the venerable B-52’s Wednesday at the House of Blues. Fun time was had by all. The B-52’s even encored with Rock Lobster, my favorite song. I also must say it was quite an impressive turn out for a has-been band at a venue that charged $50 for the cheap tix. Luckily Jesi and myself didn’t have to pay, since we’re in like Flynn. Thanks again fellas.


I’m kind of a big deal

March 20, 2007

Exciting moment in my ongoing pursuit of becoming a professional photographer (yeah right). One of my photos has been published in Envy Magazine. It’s a press shot I did for the Valentines.

I got published!


The cool kids call it South-By

March 19, 2007

Just got back from SXSW. Pictures are here. I took a LOT. Plus there are still 200 or so to upload.


Experiencing drunk Jesi for the first time:


Lucy spanking the Naked Cowboy:


Solis posing for his album cover shot, for when he finally goes solo:


More to come later. . .


Sunday Bloody Sunday

July 10, 2006

This is awesome.