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What is Grimmace anyway?

July 8, 2008

“Today, the right-wing American Family Association (AFA) announced a boycott of McDonald’s. According to AFA, Ronald McDonald and his gang are part of giant gay agenda”

Here’s the Article.


It’s like raiiiiiin. . .

August 29, 2007

Isn’t it hilariously ironic that the one group that, as a whole, defames and demonizes homosexuality, even likening it to bestiality and incest, seems to be the one that always gets caught with its homo pants down?

Newest case in point, Larry Craig.


Sunday Bloody Sunday

July 10, 2006

This is awesome.


And there you have it

November 3, 2004

Now I can safely say it. America is mostly full of idiots.

Just checked Travelocity, tickets to the Netherlands are only $436. I’m gonna relocate.


Alternative Candidate

November 2, 2004

Need more cowbell!


Here we go. . .

November 2, 2004

Long day ahead of us. I have a feeling this year’s election will make 2000 look like a cakewalk. I’m glad I already voted a couple weeks ago. Of course, my vote will probably be thrown out for some digital hanging chad.

Tell you what, let’s just have an election-watching party over at my place! I’ve got plenty of beer left over from this weekend, so we can have a good ol’ time. And if Dubya gets re-elected, we can all just get trashed and try to forget the pain.


Developers Developers Developers Developers

October 29, 2004

Came across this one recently. It’s a nice wrap-up of the Republican National Convention in case you missed it a few months back.


GOP Video (5.2 MB)