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New Toy

October 24, 2008

I took the plunge last week and ordered a new MacBook Pro.  Here are the particulars:

15.4″ 1440 x 900 LED-backlit glossy display

2.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU w/ 3MB on-chip L2 cache

1066MHz front side bus


250GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics processor w/ 256MB GDDR3 RAM

Put shortly, it f’ing COOKS!  It’s quite a step up from my lowly Mac Mini.  And to top it all off, I’ve got it all h4x0r3d up to use my iPhone as a tethered wireless internet bridge.  It’s pretty darn slow, since it’s going over the 2G EDGE network (I haven’t upgraded to the new iPhones yet).

If anyone’s wondering how to do this, it’s pretty easy using the NetShare iPhone app which basically turns the iPhone into a SOCKS proxy.  Unfortunately, NetShare was removed from the App Store about 1 day after it was released.  bummer.


MacBook Pro


Stalled out on the starting line

July 1, 2008

I need to use my downtime effectively, so you may see me posting a bit more in the coming days/weeks.

You see, I’ve started my new job at Citigroup. (yay!)  However, this is Day 6 and I have neither access into the building nor do I have access to log into a computer, which can really limit your effectiveness as a SharePoint administrator.  I soldier on, defiant of my current predictament.  I spend my days getting caught up on current events in the Microsoft SharePoint universe and blogosphere, but it’s starting to run dry.  I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, today is the day I finally get access and can really start doing some work here. 

It didn’t start off well though, I sat downstairs in the lobby for 30 minutes before one of my offsite coworkers graciously called a security guard to come let me in. 


Maddie’s happy living at Mom and Dad’s

June 17, 2008

Maddie’s happy living at Mom and Dad’s


Things I don’t mind paying for

April 7, 2008

This may become a recurring segment here at Tales of Interest.  There are several things in life that I would rather pay someone else to do, even if I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself.

Case in point:  Coinstar


You’ve probably seen these giant mechanical wonders of awesomeness at your local grocery store.  If you’re unaware of the greatness of Coinstar, allow me to elaborate.  You know that jar of loose change you keep on your dresser?  Coinstar will swallow the contents of that jar whole and spit out a single slip of paper, which you can then exchange for COLD, HARD, CASH (and maybe a few more coins).  You just dump the change in its greedy little slit of a mouth, and it does all the hard labor of sorting and counting while you reap the benefits.  It’s amazing.  And what does it charge you for this incredible service?  A pittance really.  8.9 cents per dollar.  Today, I brought in $70.93 of change, and left with $64.62 of CASH.  A little over six dollars to save me the hours upon hours of sorting and rolling quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.  Not to mention the drive to the bank and waiting in line, etc..  I would gladly pay twice that.  But, don’t tell the Coinstar people that.  I don’t want them to get greedy.