November 18, 2008

barrelguyToday marks the
second full day of my unemployment. This is very foreign
territory for me. I haven’t been without a job since the
summer of 1996 when I got my first job at SMU. I have quite a
few prospects, but nothing is concrete yet so I’m still worried
about finding work. So much so that I’ve entertained the idea
of relocating to San Antonio or Boston for two different
opportunities. God, please don’t make me have to move to San
Antonio! Ugh. Yesterday, on my first day of
unemployment, I kind of felt lazy. Slept in till 11AM.
I had to clean up a lot of shit in the house from
Crunksgiving the night before, but I really didn’t feel like doing
it. So, I ended up doing a pretty half-assed job. I did
have an interview at Statera, but
I knew going into it that they didn’t have any immediate openings.
This was just more of a pressing the flesh, getting to know
me type of interview in case anything comes up. Today, I feel like
I’m back on my game. Woke up at a reasonable 10AM, and now
I’m halfway through with juicing my pecs and then I’m going to go
on a bike ride. Then maybe I’ll finish that half-assed
cleaning job I did. Who knows? The gutter is the limit
for me!


Musings on Crunksgiving

November 7, 2008


Now that's a wild turkey.

As we enter the holiday season, and by “holiday” I mean Crunksgiving, I find myself looking back at what has become a grand and glorious tradition amongst myself and my friends.  


First, a history lesson:

Crunksgiving was first observed in November of 2003.  Only then, it had not yet acquired the Crunksgiving moniker.  No, then it was called Trippsgiving, named after the band, Tripp Fontaine, the members of which I counted amongst my closest friends.  We got together and realized that we needed a “friends only” counter to the traditionally family-oriented Thanksgiving holiday.  The original Trippsgiving was a gala event held at Mark Petty’s house where we all came together with our baked goods and high-octane alcohol.  Food was eaten, libations consumed, poker and video games played, songs sung, and a new tradition was born.  

Unfortunately, soon after the first annual Trippsgiving, the band Tripp Fontaine was, alas, no more.  We soldiered on though, hosting Trippsgiving II in November 2004 at my place.  As was tradition at this point, the host provided the turkey, while everyone else supplied the supporting cast.  This was to be the last of the Trippsgivings however, as from here on out we would celebrate Crunksgiving (I think Kim came up with it, but I can’t remember).  It was a more apropos name as we would all inevitably get crunk’d on that day. 

Fast forward 4 years later, and we’ve almost arrived at our 6th annual Crunksgiving, to be held at my house November 16th, 2008.  This year marks quite a departure from the previous five.  The core group of my friends that were involved from the beginning; Aaron, Joey, Kim, and Eric are no longer in the Metroplex.  They’ve up and left me for the big city.  I thought about canceling this year’s festivities, but then thought better of it.  These are the types of challenges in life that test one’s meddle.  When the going gets tough, etc..

So, we’ve expanded the invite list a bit to bring the Crunksgiving spirit to more people in the D/FW area.  We may even attempt to do a satellite link-up with the boys and girl in NYC so that they can join in the frivolity.  Who knows?  It may even be the best one yet.  If not, God knows we’ll be too CRUNK to tell.


Party on.


New Toy

October 24, 2008

I took the plunge last week and ordered a new MacBook Pro.  Here are the particulars:

15.4″ 1440 x 900 LED-backlit glossy display

2.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU w/ 3MB on-chip L2 cache

1066MHz front side bus


250GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive

NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT graphics processor w/ 256MB GDDR3 RAM

Put shortly, it f’ing COOKS!  It’s quite a step up from my lowly Mac Mini.  And to top it all off, I’ve got it all h4x0r3d up to use my iPhone as a tethered wireless internet bridge.  It’s pretty darn slow, since it’s going over the 2G EDGE network (I haven’t upgraded to the new iPhones yet).

If anyone’s wondering how to do this, it’s pretty easy using the NetShare iPhone app which basically turns the iPhone into a SOCKS proxy.  Unfortunately, NetShare was removed from the App Store about 1 day after it was released.  bummer.


MacBook Pro


Movie Review: Religulous

October 6, 2008

Went to ye olde movie haus this weekend for the first time in a long time.  Jesi and I decided to see Religulous, the new Bill Maher commentary on religion.

Let me start off by saying this, If you are a devout follower of any of the big 3-4 major religious doctrines on our planet, you will probably not like this movie.  In fact, it might make you violently ill.  However, barring that, let’s say you are one of the 16% of Americans that hold no religious beliefs, or maybe you only go to church/temple/mosque out of habit and so as not to upset your sainted mother.  This movie is for you. I haven’t laughed out loud in a movie theatre that much in a VERY long time.  It’s funny just as Borat was funny, pointing out ridiculousness in the common man, only with less naked man-wrestling.  This is unsurprising as apparently it is brought to us by the same director as Borat.

The movie is an A+, but the last few minutes do get a little preachy, which is extremely ironic considering the subject matter.  Bill Maher has this grand Call to Action for Agnostics, Atheists, and Nihilists everywhere.  “Rise up against your oppressors!”  But, as we all know, Nihilists are cowards, Donny.


Let’s get caught up, shall we?

October 3, 2008

Forgive me father for I have sinned.  It has been over 2 months since my last blogpost.

But really, that’s water under the bridge at this point.  Let’s get everyone up to speed with what’s happened in the last couple months:

  • Still working at Citigroup.  I am now a full functioning member of the team.  I have a security badge, login, and now VPN access which means I work from home Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  W00t.
  • I’m really going to try and get my SharePoint blog up and running.  I’ve had a few false starts on it, but I have recently felt this new feeling in my gut.  I think it’s called ‘motivation’.  We’ll see if it’s a chronic condition or a 24 hour bug.
  • Had a great trip to NY to visit the crew.  Kimi blogged about it here, although she wants everyone to know she has a new blog called “Love Is All You Knit“.  LOL.  My pics can be found here and it’s a good thing I took pics, because I probably wouldn’t remember most of my time there.  Unfortunately, I do remember puking on the floor of the East River Bar. . . twice.  C’est la vie.
  • Britton has moved back to Dallas and conveniently rented out my extra room in my house.  He has recently found gainful employment and is experiencing the joys of steady work.

I think that’s about it.  Hopefully everyone out there in cyberspace is doing well.  I will now bid you adieu with a photo of some moose at the Museum of Natural History:



I mean really, what are the odds?

July 28, 2008

In my infinite wisdom, I have chosen September 11, 2008 as my date of arrival in New York City to visit the McClellans and Eric. Some may question my logic for trying to fly on a day where mandatory anal exams will probably be administered at every security checkpoint. I say, if we avoid travelling on 9/11, then the terrorists have already won.


First post using new iPhone app

July 22, 2008

This new wordpress app is pretty nifty.

I can even attach cool photos from my iPhone like this one of a sweet van mural: